Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

Do you have differences in sexual desire?

Couples Work:

Working with couples is an exploration into the patterns and cycles that inevitably happen in relationships.  All relationships take work and therapy can often help address what needs to change and how to facilitate growth. As a therapist, my role is not to place blame or responsibility on any one person.  Rather, I help point out where everyone involved may be stuck in dynamics they are unaware of or unsure of how to change.  I work with all types of relationships regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or lifestyle.

Sex Therapy:

Many people are often intimidated or unsure of what sex therapy entails. Sex therapy is a specialized form of talk psychotherapy that looks at sexual functioning, behavior, relationships, and works to resolve the issues that are distressing couples and individuals.  Sex and sexuality are a part of every person’s life and I work to help enhance pleasure and intimacy with yourself and your partner(s). I weave specific behavioral techniques and practices with a therapeutic journey into the messages and beliefs that may be impacting your sex life.  All sessions clothed and no sexual exercises will be performed in the office at any point.