Grief and Bereavement Therapy:

Have you lost an important person in your life?

There are many losses that we encounter in life.  Although, grief therapy typically implies a death, grief includes many types of loss–the end of a relationship, job, stage of life, loved being (person or animal), or previously held belief. These losses can be confusing and complicated. Grief therapy can help you during the moments that are most challenging in life.  Oftentimes, it is overwhelming to consider where to begin understanding the meaning of losing someone or something that is important to you.  Having worked with children, teens, and adults regarding grief and loss, I am continually impressed by the resiliency and strength that every person has within themselves to heal.  I do not adhere to any specific timeline or expectation for what you should be experiencing with regards to grief.  It is an individual journey and a continual process, but I can help guide you to a place where the loss becomes a source of inspiration and strength in your life.